Oakleys are an adaptable pair of sunglasses.


Unfortunately, the Road Prizm lens doesn’t perform particularly well on the trail. It may be partially due to the low overall light transmission, but looking through the Road Prizm lens, rocks, roots and other obstacles were harder to pick out, especially in the trees.


Oakley OO9290-2631

We also tested the ace Rydons from cult cycling brand Rudy Project – these are an adaptable pair of sunglasses cheap fake oakley sunglasses which are perfect if you need prescription lenses.

Additionally, Radar Pace can connect to oakley sunglasses cheap outlet a number of external sensors used to measure heart rate, power, speed and other metrics you usually track.The plus side is the product has a four hour battery life or up to six if not listening to music throughout the workout.All things considered, I had a lot of fun testing out the sunglasses and was impressed by the tech.



Oakley’s latest release the EVZero does away with the frame completely, and is designed for totally unobstructed vision. oakley sunglasses cheap online store Claimed to be ‘the lightest performance sunglasses in history’, the new EVZero is a redesigned version of the the Sub Zero which was released in the 90’s.

Nike’s expensive Vaporwing Elite sunglasses were also put to the test, cheap fake oakleys with their aerodynamic design informed by flight technology and space age materials. Hey, if they’re good enough for Mo Farah they’re good enough for us, right?


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