Oakley, Set Up A Plan To work Towards It.


You might be wondering why I’m not referring to them as smart glasses. While they are technically glasses, you won’t be seeing anything on the lenses. It’s all about using your ears – and your voice, of course.

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When I first picked up the Radar Pace glasses I was surprised by how light they were. fake Oakley Fast Jacket Really, they’re barely heavier than a pair of normal sunglasses, and they don’t look much different. The Radar Pace was based on Oakley’s existing Radarlock glasses, and when the earbuds aren’t attached, any onlooker would be hard pushed to tell the difference.

I’m in the “just get in better shape” phase of my fitness plan, Oakley Radar Path SALE so I was glad to find a program that would help me do just that. Or, if you’re aiming for a marathon in a few months time, you can tell it when the big day is and set up a plan to work towards it.


Oakley Crossrange OO9361-0157

For someone like me who’s just getting back on the more serious fitness trail, oakley vault clearance  taking the complications out of it all is great. I’m used to looking at metrics like heart rate, pace and so forth, but having a voice tell me what it means for me, in real time, is incredibly valuable.

Speaking of music, there’s not much to say about this other than it works as you’d expect it to, with everything streaming from your phone. The music will fade into the background when Radar is talking to you, but you can’t use your voice to control the tunes, only the touch pad on the side.

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