The smart glasses are a result of a two-year alliance between Luxottica, oakley sunglasses cheap out which owns Oakley, and Intel, which developed the core technology and architecture. Intel has pushed for technology to be invisible in wearables, and that design philosophy was the main focus when designing Radar Pace.

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Eyewear specialist Oakley revealed the shades to international militaries from around the world at last month’s DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition) event in London. Oakley has also filed a similar lawsuit against convenience store operator BP West Coast Products, based in La Palma, over the same patents.


Oakley Custom EVZero™

Unfortunately for Intel, the glasses don’t use an x86 chip, oakley sunglasses cheap online but an embedded processor based on another architecture that Intel wouldn’t specify. That also highlights a  problem — Intel’s chips aren’t used in many wearables partly because the company doesn’t have the right processors in its portfolio.

The EVZero also gets Road and Trail versions of the Prizm lens, oakley knockoffs sale Oakley’s newest optic technology where special tints are used to block specific spectral peaks and colour wavelengths to enhance contrast, and improve clarity in a range of light conditions — there’s photochromic and standard lens options too.


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