March 2017

You might be wondering why I’m not referring to them as smart glasses. While they are technically glasses, you won’t be seeing anything on the lenses. It’s all about using your ears – and your voice, of course. oakley baseball sunglasses When I first picked up the Radar Pace glasses I was surprised by how […]

While Oakley keeping in line with the most sophisticated technology, oakley sunglasses for men the company also keeps up with the latest trends in fashion. Oakley has recently come up with a new exclusive line that will offer specialized frames for different sports. Oakley’s latest release the EVZero does away with the frame completely, and […]

Radar Lock  XL As the name suggests,cheap real oakley sunglasses our ‘XL’ test variant shares the same features as the regular Radar Lock glasses but with a lens that’s a substantial 7 mm taller. This lends a little more coverage and protection, but for riders who tend to keep their heads tilted further down. the selection of […]